Creating an Intercultural Society

Creating an Intercultural Society

Many foreign residents from various cultural backgrounds live in Tokyo. The number of foreign residents in Tokyo will continue to increase and in 2040, approximately one in ten people living in Tokyo are expected to be foreign residents. To ensure Tokyo's sustainable development, it is essential to realize an intercultural society where foreign residents participate and work together with Japanese as members of their cities.
The foundation collaborates with various entities such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, municipalities, regional international associations, private organizations and others to establish a network for the promotion of intercultural cohesion, contribute to the activation of local communities and realize "Tokyo, where people shine".

Efforts toward Creating a Intercultural Society

Aiming to realize an intercultural society where foreign residents in Tokyo can live and thrive with peace of mind, we implement various projects including below.

Tokyo Multilingual Consultation Navi



When foreign residents in Tokyo have problems in their daily lives, they often do not know who to consult with. We accept such consultations, provide the necessary information, and connect them to appropriate organizations according to their needs.

In addition, we deal with cases that are difficult to respond to at each city's foreign consultation desk, such as minority language and expert consultation. We also provide interpretation support when language support is inadequate at the destination organization.

Open hours: 10 am to 4 pm (weekdays only, excluding weekends and holidays)
Supported languages:Plain Japanese【やさしいにほんご】, English, Chinese【中文】, Korean【한국어】, Portuguese【Português】, Spanish【Español】, Thai【ภาษาไทย】, Russian【Русский】, Tagalog【Tagalog】, Vietnamese【Tiếng Việt】, Hindi【हिन्दी】, Nepalese【नेपाली】, French【Français】, Indonesian【Bahasa Indonesia】, Myanmar【မြန်မာဘာသာစကား】

Tokyo Intercultural Portal Site

We operate a website which provides useful information for foreign residents and their supporters, as well as information related to intercultural society.

Training of Intercultural Coordinators

We offer personnel training courses to municipal governments, local international associations, and civic groups in Tokyo interested in interculturalism. Their objective is to prepare intercultural coordinators who will specialize in attending to the wide-ranging needs of foreign residents in their community to foster an intercultural society.

Promoting the use of plain Japanese


In collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we promote the use of plain Japanese which can be easily understood by foreign residents.